Welcome to

Hotel Süsser Grund in the City of Albstadt

Dear guests

Our Hotel, Süsser Grund will undoubtedly leave our guests with a memorable experience of their stay.

The hotel, a converted farm, is situated in the peaceful countryside between Albstadt-Ebingen and Bitz. It offers many ways to find peace and tranquillity.

The beauty of the countryside is ever present, whether you are taking a walk through the woods or are admiring the horses in the surrounding fields, or simply enjoying coffee and cake on the terrace, sitting in the sun ... it 's pure relaxation.
The restaurant's accomplished cooking conveys the aromas of Grandmother's "Vesper" recipes, to the savours of the Mediterranean, served with a fresh beer or with one of our selected wines.

Come see for yourself.

The Süsser Grund team is pleased to welcome you!